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Wine Cooler RepairAlmost all wine enthusiasts are in possession of a wine cooler also known as a beverage cooler. Such devices are a great addition to the kitchen. Majority of models are free standing units but some are manufactured to be built in. This device is constructed to preserve and age wine in the perfect environment and humidity settings. It is more enjoyable to drink wine from the wine cooler then from a shelf. Depending on the capacity and quantity of the bottles stored range from 30 to 70. All wine coolers made today are made with two sections. First zone is made to store white wine and the second zone is made to hold red wine. Doors are made from a tinted glass making it easy for users to see contents inside and also tinted glass protects beverages from exposure to light. Typical options, which are included with the unit at the time of purchase, are programmable electronic controls, slide out shelves, and door locks for user safety. Good thing about owning a wine cooler is that it is easily accessible and you can place it anywhere around home. Just make sure that area is dark and not a lot of sunlight is hitting the area. The down side for built-in wine coolers is that they are not easily accessible in case of service and you cannot relocate such units.

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Higher quality coolers are designed with wood racks for custom look. Dual wine coolers need a proper service performed from time to time to maintain the performance of the unit. Call EZ Appliance Repair Services Inc, wine cooler repair in Los Angeles today, our company has many years of experience working on all types brands and models. Technicians are factory trained certified and state licensed to perform repairs. Humidity levels are needed to be kept between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your wine cooler in a dark side of the kitchen in order to provide a perfect environment for wine to age. The best way to save your wine cooler from having any malfunction problems, store you wide lying on the side.

Listed Are A few Known Wine Cellar Cooler Chiller Problems Our Expert Technicians Can Fix Today!:

  • Experiencing temperature issues
  • Humidity level incorrect
  • Malfunctioning control
  • Unit not cooling
  • Lighting problems (burned out bulb, inside lighting)
  • Door seal worn out
  • Compressor not kicking on
  • Freon leak
  • Wine cooler makes noise

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If the unit is not working, do not panic take a breather and check if it is electrical plug is connected to the outlet. Also checking the fuse box is essential to make sure that electricity is being transmitted from the outlet into the unit. Sometimes doors are not shut all the way and unit starts to defrost it self. When the doors don’t close all the way it is recommended to clean the door gaskets. Is the unit vibrating? Not maintaining its proper temperature? Get a hold of wine cooler repair professionals at EZ Appliance Repair Inc today and all unit related problems will be in the past. We carry top brand parts on our trucks. Our prices are unbeatable and our service is priceless. Schedule your appointment today and receive a 10% off the labor discount. EZ Appliance repair restores our valuable customer piece of mind that they deserve. Want to forget about your devices problems? Contact us today.

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You can locate it anywhere in your home, and you can purchase a refrigerator to suit your budget and size needs. Freestanding refrigerators tend to be less expensive than built-ins. Another advantage is that you can purchase refrigerated wine cabinets that look like furniture, adding a stylish element to wine storage.

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Dorothy Anderoson

My Vinotech wine cooler all of a sudden made a buzzing sound and stopped cooling my wine. I was so upset and thought my night was going to be ruined since I was going to have guests over. Luckily 24 hour service is offered at EZ Appliance and I am glad I have found this company. My unit was fixed and tested the same night. I am a senior citizen and this company has a great discount program which saved me a few bucks. Great overall experience with this company!